Charissa Balman, had a vision and a dream to start a running club in the Noordhoek area. The dream became a reality in 2005 when Charissa got inspired by her training partner when they were out on a scenic run along Chapman's Peak.

They spoke about wonderful running experiences, philosophies, symbolic signs and the need for a local club. Charissa spoke to some running mates in the area and discussed her idea and turned her dream into a reality, and Satori Athletic Club was formed.

Satori is a word from the Japanese Zen tradition which describes the natural harmony and balance of the body, mind and emotions.

The logo is a pyramid which is a symbol of energy and the circle of life. In life may we acquire energy through running in the true Satori way. The five Satori points being in balance and harmony in mind, body and emotions. This is the natural state of the natural athlete.

We believe that running is not just about the physical state, but also about a state of mind. It is our overall desire to lead a better quality of life for ourselves and others around us. We have therefore been innovative in our thinking and affiliated ourselves to Leora's Yoga and Fitness Centre to help our members perform better.

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